Teacher Position open at the Eaton Road Center!

25 to 30 hours a week, Monday – Friday.

Must be eligible for an Associate teacher permit or a higher level permit and willing to apply for the permit immediately.

Must have knowledge of the Desired Results System of Assessment.

Must have at least 12 units of ECE including core classes (child development, child/family/community, and programs/curriculum) plus 50 plus days of 3+ hours per day within the past 2 years.

For questions or more information contact:

Sue McGuire: (530) 891-5363 or Celina Martinez: (530) 343-9349

Elm Street Garden Make-Over!

Thank You “LOVE CHAPMAN” for helping us with our garden make-over. We appreciate all of your hard work! Our children are excited to learn about gardening and growing their own crops this  upcoming school year!

garden garden1 garden2 garden3 garden4 garden5 garden6 garden7

Feng Shui at 4C’s

My friend Joan is into Feng Shui. I had her come up and give some suggestions on what could be done at the Elm Street Center to improve “energy flow”. What I got was more than I intended. Here is her list.

  1. Get ride of old wagon in center of parking lot.
  2. Get rid of old bike and debris next to the tool shed.
  3. Plant some bright flowers under the tree by mural tool shed.
  4. Hang lanterns from the tree in Toddler Yard.
  5. Clean out the plants under the tree.
  6. Cover the dirt next to the PSP building with flagstones.
  7. Wrap up the hose by the PSP building.
  8. Move the rack from in front of the building in Toddler Yard.
  9. Hang lanterns or “hand” flags from the gutters.
  10. Pull weeds in front of the fence.
  11. Get rid of the pan with rocks. (she donated a birdbath)
  12. Get rid of the grapevines and replace with something evergreen.
  13. Get rid of the garbage bins by the entrance (or hide them)
  14. Pull weeds at the side, cover dirt, get rid of the rose bush by Office get pots of the same color and plant something that will spill over the edges.
  15. New artistic signs for Office, Infants, After School Program etc.
  16. Hang flags from the trees
  17. Plant succulents where you don’t want weeds; place flagstones.
  18. Paint winding path in playground.
  19. Paint mural on back fence
  20. Rake up leaves.
  21. Wash the awnings over the sandbox area.

Needs List:

  1. Bright colored flowers
  2. Red Lanterns
  3. Flagstones
  4. Hose Rack
  5. Muslin & Fabric
  6. Succulents
  7. Evergreen vines
  8. Rakes
  9. Wheelbarrows.
  10. Birdbath
  11. Same colored pots (color of building trim)
  12. Ground Cover plants
  13. Plants that will achieve height for underneath the windows
  14. small cups for seedlings (kids can plant their own in the ground.)

CCCC Wins Two $1000 Grants

Chico Community Childrens Center won 2 – $1,000 grants for their kids gardens. If you have school gardens check out this site.

Many of us in the teaching field, and the kids we work with, have always felt that being in the garden can lift our mood. Is it the sunshine and outdoors? Find out more from CSGN
California School Garden Network.

We are planning a Family Fun Garden Day for the Spring to celebrate and install high tunnels or hoop houses, explore composting options, and do general makeovers for our kids gardens at both the Elm and Eaton Rd Centers.