Health Fair!

We are happy to announce: There will be a Nutrition and Physical Activity Health Fair

Where: Chico Community Children’s Center

2224 Elms Street, Chico

When: Thursday, October. 13th from 2:30 to 6:30

Free Fun Activities, Info & Giveaways!

Sponsored by: First Five California We are happy to host the First Five California’s Nutrition and Physical Activity Health Fair this month. Please come.

Chico Community Children’s Center, 2224 Elm St, Chico, CA 95928.

Volunteers Make A Difference!

Volunteers are major resources to our programs over the years.


Nothing is as personal and helpful as hands on help. Last Sunday folks from the Center for Spiritual Living in Chico spent a service day working on projects at our Elm Center, repairing the children’s library books, cleaning up and spreading chips in our garden, and painting our rug room and entry way. The teachers got to work on Monday and stood in the center of it all mumbling “It is beautiful!”

Especially want to thank the painters who put in double duty (over 4 hours)to apply up to 3 coats of paint that really brightened our AfterSchool Programarea. A wonderful job, and big THANK YOU!


Promoting Healthy Eating Habits and Physical Activity in Preschool

Chico Community Children’s Center is partnering up with CSUC Center for Nutrition and Activity Promotion. One goal is to help prevent obesity through the implementation of policy and environmental change strategies of the local or state obesity prevention plan, with the hopes to adopt physical activity policies to enhance quality and quantity of physical activity instruction, increase opportunities for physical activity and create environmental changes to promote activity.

We also will be working with children and parents on gaining knowledge about nutrition, and making healthy eating choices. Children will increase awareness and understanding of their physical activity and gain skills to enhance physical activity and making healthy eating choices. Different recipe ideas that include seasonal fruits and vegetables, handouts with the importance of healthy eating for children and different ideas on how to get children to be active at home will be available to the parents.